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  Our dedicated publishing professionals are committed to helping authors realize their very best work and find their voice in their stories and ideas to audiences worldwide. By utilizing our global reach, embracing new technologies, and collaborating with authors at every stage of the publishing process—from editorial and design, to sales and marketing, to production and distribution—we aim to provide them with the greatest platform possible. We search and welcome every story, idea, video, song, and poem that has an underlying meaning of wisdom wanting to be broadcast to the world. At the same time, we fiercely protect our authors’ intellectual property and champion freedom of expression, ensuring that their voices echo to all communities and societies around the globe.

Our Mission


 Unforgettable Words Publishing LLC & Notary is devoted to intelligent thought provocative material that tantalizes your philosophical views, ideas, and morals. We aim at removing all barriers of color, economic class, and languages to bring forth wisdom, love, respect, and hope in one another.

“The power of words” works hard to fight the plague of ignorance that flows through this world.


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